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To enhance your Mystique wellness experience, we have partnered with OPO app and we have created an immersive meditation experience, exclusively personalized for Mystique. As we share a common inherent commitment for human wellbeing and an immersion into beautiful natural surroundings, we wish to bring our guests and community relaxing and energising mindful experiences.

OPO is a first-of-its-kind meditation experience blending guided meditation with science-supported soundscapes and real-life views; helping us find a deeper connection to our self and the world around us.

Science has proven that regular practice of mindful meditation allow to live more in the present moment, and has a range of health benefits including enabling us to improve stress, anxiety, depression, sleep, creativity, attention span, decision making, memory. In addition, this soundscape has been created using researched therapeutic techniques and tones designed to stimulate your brain’s limbic system and balance your mind and body. In essence the room can be used for consistent ‘self regulation’ of brain activity and emotional balance.

These unique eyes-open OPO meditations allow our guests and community to connect with the beauty of the natural surroundings and at the same time cultivate more inner stillness, create more energy and fast track into relax mode. Ten immersive audio meditation experiences have been created exclusively for Mystique. Selected to be used any-time and anywhere before, during and after your stay.
All sessions have been designed with guidance by Chris Connors, OPO founder and meditation teacher of 20 years and are supported by immersive soundscapes by Danish sound artist, composer & producer Lasse Mosegard. The layers of guidance, sound frequencies, tones and techniques are designed to stimulate specific parts of the brain and promote a sense of ‘relax and restore’.
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