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Early Morning Mindful Trail x OPO

Oia is famous for its sunset, however, there is nothing more beautiful than the sun rising above the geomorphological wonder that is the caldera, at a time of the day when the village feels almost private, empty as it is from the visiting crowds. This early morning trail will make you tune into the island’s uniquely contrasting energy that marries mystery, power and serenity.

To experience the sunrise yourself, make a stop at the front desk to grab a healthy juice for your journey at 6am and take the steps up to the main road, and turn left towards the village of Oia to begin your trail. Sunrise is at 6.45am, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy

Start your journey in the pedestrian road, pass through the cobblestoned streets and make your first stop at the quaint church of the Assumption of the Virgin to take in the appeasing views of the calm blue sea framed by the clear skies, contrasting with the bright white of the church. Look down onto the flooded volcanic crater across to the islet of Palea Kameni, where the quietly active volcano simmers.

Continue straight ahead, and turn left on the corner of the Alexandros jewelry store – you have granted yourself access to one of the most emblematic spots of the island, the view point of the three blue domed churches. Take that iconic photo now, under the gentle early morning light.

Once you are ready, return back to the main street and continue to the same direction you were before. Make sure to take a look on your left and spot the Atlantis bookstore, a literary treasure trove in a cave house, and remember to return to explore its gems during your stay. Now turn left on Meteor café and continue until you reach the castle of Oia, the remains of a 15th-century coastal fort built to guard against pirates, surviving since the Renaissance-era. You will now find yourself in a tranquil spot facing Imerovigli village. Whilst you gaze at the sun bathing you in its translucent light, tap into the sense of living in the present by listening to the OPO ‘Rise’ session from the ‘Today’ programme to truly focus your mind, clear any anxieties and feel the connection between the human soul, earth and sea.

Cherish the moment and reward yourself with this healthy freshly made juice and start your journey back to Mystique, your bubble of serenity.


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