Your Santorini Events Guide for 2015

July 24, 2015

When it comes to summer entertainment, Santorini is the word. Located on the corner of culture and luxury, this island has something for everyone. Through the years, Santorini has been an inspiration to various artists and it thrives with events & festivals especially in the summer. It is a great way to get to know the local customs and traditions and be part at the community, while celebrating and enjoying yourselves.

Dance, sing and be part of the inspiring events that take place every year at summer. Proudly presenting to you the Event Calendar of Santorini for 2015! Six unique events that will travel you & let you immerse in the true spirit of the island.

20/07/2015 – 21/0702015

Virtuosity & Romanticism


A magical evening, with two musicians who have won many awards, in a classical music programme, with virtuosity and romanticism.

Works by Mozart, Saint-Sasnz, Poulenc, Bach.

  • Stathis Karapanos – Flute
  • Triantaphyllos Liotis – Piano


Alkinoos Ioannides


Alkinoos Ioannides “Small Suitcase” began its journey from the first day of its circulation last autumn.  It’s journey began in Athens, continued traveling to the rest of Greece and finally went abroad in a big tour throughout Europe. Now, the road brings Alkinoos and his colleagues back in Greece and Cyprus, for a series of summer concerts.

The programme consists of old and new songs, as well as imaginative musical adaptations. This exceptional approach, as far as music, sound and visuals are concerned, is the result of the group effort if all participants.

  • George Kaloudis (cello, lyre)
  • Manolis Pappos (bouzouki, lute)
  • Fortis Siotas (violin, viola)
  • Dimitris Tsekouras (double bass)
  • Alkinoos Ioannides (singing, guitar, lute)
  • Sound mixer: Vangelis Lappas, Vasilis Droungas
  • Lighting: Konstantinos Margas

Production: ATHYR


Burger Project


Burger Project present:

Mom, I ‘ll create a band

This is an interactive children’s musical performance. Originally presented in Hellenic Cosmos with great success, is now traveling throughout Greece. This performance tries to initiate the children in the magic of rhythm and melody through a fun musical journey, creatively presenting the multiple possibilities of the various musical instruments. Children and adults actively participate in the show and, finally, they all take part in a huge, lively party.

Burger Project is a colorful and alternative band, bringing originality, theatricality, humour and energy to their live performances, educating tomorrow’s musicians.

  • AL MALAPOLAS: guitar, voice
  • PROFESSOR COSMIC: keyboard, vocals
  • MOSI MOSI: drums, vocals
  • MISTER FINGER: bass, vocals

TIP: Combining your visit at SAF, which was originally the Tomato factory of D. Nomikos, you may join with your children the Cooking Classes at Vedema Resort! There, among other local recipes you will learn how to prepare the authentic Santorini salad, the tomato fritters and the stuffed tomatoes, using the famous Santorini cherry tomatoes, which are grown at the property’s farm and picked every morning!


Ifestia Festival


“Thera eruption” or “Minoan eruption” as it is known, was a catastrophic volcanic eruption that took place in 1613 BC, which, however, gave this unique geomorphology to the island of Santorini.

Renowned for its stunning cliff “Caldera”, the biggest in the world, this was a result of this volcanic eruption. Santorini now is offering an amazingly beautiful scenery with the most spectacular views in the world!

Thus, every year around mid-August, the municipality of Santorini, organizes a dramatically realistic representation event of the volcanic explosion with fireworks and sounds, traditional dancing, costumes, music concerts, local food and more.

It is a unique phantasmagorical night, offered exclusively by the hospitable people of Santorini, celebrating those at first unpleasant events of volcanic explosions that resulted eventually to the formation of one of the most unique places on earth!

TIP: Mystique, placed exactly on Oia’s most famous cliff, offers the perfect view to the volcano, and is the unique setting to enjoy this spectacular event!

Make your reservation at the Charisma Restaurant, which offers creative Mediterranean cuisine with the freshest local ingredients, or at the Asea Lounge Restaurant with Japanese cuisine, characterized by the Asian simplicity, always with a twist at the sushi selection!


Full Moon Concert


Under the light of the full moon of August, the magical scenery of the SAF, the leading soloist of harp of KYKLOS ENSEMBLE, Maria Bildea, takes us in the vastness of her music.

Simple and unpretentious, letting nature and music become one.

TIP: What would be better than to celebrate this special day with a wine tasting experience! Carved out of the rich Theran earth, the 400-year old winery dominates the heart of Vedema Resort.

Converted into the unique Canava Wine Bar, it offers its guests an authentic setup that projects the natural beauty and history, where the world of wine can be explored through wonderful vintages that grow locally.


Parkour in Santorini – 5th Red Bull Art of Motion


At the 3rd of October parkour fans will gather to see the 5th Red Bull Art of Motion return to the famous Cycladic island of Santorini! We are all setting our compass to the new natural track in Oia, at the northwestern edge of Santorini.

Parkour free runners are exercising a sport based on the philosophy of the human body that develops all the motivations to go to the desired destination as quickly and effectively as possible.

As most free runners admit, a great place to practive parkour is Santorini, this beautiful Greek island with the small cave houses, the arches roofs, narrow streets and its amphitheatrically position.

In fact, many free runners go to Santorini to practice parkour over the roof tops of Oia and Fira, while many advertisement trailers are shot there, with the Aegean Sea and the Caldera as their backdrop, making this sport more familiar to common people.

TIP: Asea Lounge Restaurant will be waiting afterwards all the parkour fans to meet at the bar, enjoying the stunning views of the deep blue waters of the Caldera along with signature cocktails and share their experience of this stunning event!

Impressions to share, moments to remember in Santorini….

Will you join us?

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