Best luxury resort in Santorini 2016

April 12, 2016

So much has been written about the colorful sandy beaches, the dusky purple sunsets and the big blue sky of Santorini. Words are poor to express the majesty of an Aegean island that knows how to get reborn out of ashes.

OIa sunset

Mystique masterfully combining elegance tradition and luxury, located on perhaps Oia’s most famous cliffs, its property embraces the most exclusive corner of the island. All of its “cave-art style “ suites and villas that are linked by cobblestoned pathways, lead to the world’s most  beautiful scenery of the Aegean blue and the island’s quietly active volcano.

Mystique’ distinctive island architecture that preserves the nature

The luxury meanwhile is felt through all the senses thanks to a large infinity pool where Santorini shows its grandeur and open air dinning with a mouthwatering menu that masterfully combines local ingredients with regional flavors at Charisma restaurant. As for the lovers of Asian cuisine, Asea Lounge Restaurant provides a new gastronomic experience with an exotic menu. For those seeking to dine in absolute solitude and serenity, Mystique’s private dinning provides the perfect setting.


Just when wellness enthusiasts think they’ve seen it all, along comes Mystique’s spa therapies. This includes carefully selected treatments with the finest natural oils and the very best expertise, designed for individuals or to be shared with a loved one.


For us these are some of the reasons that make Mystique the most sensational destination. What are yours?

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